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Paid Media In The Child Seat

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
KFC Delivery wanted to nudge sales by 50%. An ambitious task for media, considering that only 30% of our sales were driven by Paid efforts. We wondered, why is it that in our industry, performance equals media targeting, bidding strategies, and platforms & JUST THAT?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Paid media is not the end all! To do justice to the term performance, we needed to make Paid, Owned and Earned work harder. We studied our GoogleAnalytics, historical campaign data, and industry trends to identify white spaces to help push sales exponentially. We discovered:
1. Mobile contributed 61% of sales but mobile webpages had +19% load time.
2. Website saw a 40% dropoff when stores couldn’t fulfill orders.
3. Website was our only purchase channel, while apps were popping up everywhere and social was where food conversations happened.
3 strong insights to nudge sales.

Media Execution
We launched 4 initiatives against our 3 insights:
Initiative 1 To improve page load times, we implemented AcceleratedMobilePages: lightweight HTML pages which reduced bounce rates and improved conversion rates.
Initiative 2 On Search, we implemented Capacity Bidding. The system dynamically adapts our strategy based on stores’ capacity to fulfill orders. Eg: If KFC Sunway had too many orders, users searching for us in that area would see ads prompting them to walk in. Concurrently, if KFC Bangsar had fewer orders, users searching for us there would see ads promoting online delivery.
Initiative 3 A mobile app with 3 tap ordering.
Initiative 4 A new ordering experience on Social via Facebook Messenger, a chatbot where conversations persuaded online sales.
Governing the 4 initiatives, we had an Always On framework that segmented audiences based on their latest brand interaction dictating budgets & channel strategies.

Results and Effectiveness
Our sales grew by 75%. AMP Pages delivered +22% conversions, 53% CPA improvement. With Capacity Bidding, conversions grew by 3%. In 3 months, we gained 500K app downloads. There were 3,288 orders via Chatbot.