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Malaysia Airlines Global Grand Travel Deals

Advertiser: Malaysia Airlines
Brand: Malaysia Airlines
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The Challenges
MATTA Fair, the largest travel fair is when deal hunters purchase their annual holiday packages. After the buying frenzy, the immediate period postMATTA Fair (April) would typically experience a sales dip. So, how can we reverse the trend to keep sales consistent post MATTA?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Our analysis showed that Post MATTA Fair, huge pool of travel intenders who engaged with us did not purchase. We further analyzed these travel intenders’ buying journey where besides price promotions, 70% of them spend between 1 – 3 minutes on ancillary pages. We saw the opportunity for an ancillary led campaign, hence “Malaysia Airlines Grand Travel Deals” was launched.

Media Execution
The ancillary led campaign went beyond just airfare discounts; it now includes up to 50% discount on hotels, children airfares, insurance and more.
1. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO): a repository of campaign materials that allowed us to trigger custom messaging and redesigned creatives (based on flight and ancillaries inventory, with realtime fare price from Google Flight Search) within a minute.
2. Switching between platforms for effectiveness: Reallocation of budgets between platforms, audience segments, and creatives that delivered a higher ROI.
3. Optimising total spends ratio: Analysing historical campaign data allowed us to identify correlation between online offline spends and online offline sales (e.g. senior travelers exposed to our promotion online triggered them to purchase via travel agents; on the flipside, the Millennial’s curiosity is piqued when he sees a digital OOH ad and proceeds to do a Google search).

Results and Effectiveness
• Total website visits grew by 140% vs. post MATTA previous year
• We grow sales by 70% vs. post MATTA previous year translating into an incremental Sales volume of RM49 million.
• Total sales remained above the baseline for 2018
• Sales ROI of 115 for every RM1 in media compared to 65 ROI in 2017.