Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

Progression Through Regression

Advertiser: Alliance Bank
Brand: Alliance Bank
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The Challenges
Among Malaysians, the concept of Debt/Loan consolidation was quite afresh. Despite being low category awareness, the task at hand was to drive commerce. How could we then create a personalized yet tightly themed performance strategy to beat current lead volume of 6500 per month and appointment rate of 10%, with low awareness audiences?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
6/10 working Malaysians found to have more than 2 pending loans, howsoever cumbersome the process of repaying they’d have to undergo the trauma of repayment every month. When more than 1M+ Malaysians can have debt consolidation, we knew that every person has his different web/personal behavior. To tackle this, we decided to create an AdFactory for HyperPersonalized and SuperTargeted Ads. Excavating 1.2M digital footprints of users and using behavioral segmentation we crafted 5 different segments of audiences through our propreitery DMP. Segments include FreakyShoppers, BusinessWarriors, PropertyHunters etc. These segments were then analyzed for platform reach and dispersed over high reach convertible performance media i.e Google, Facebook, Affiliate.

Media Execution
1) Using 1st and 3rd party data we custom audience segments and reaped data driven insights about each audience segments
2) Being Relevant Harnessing the power of dynamic creative building we created 150+ creatives targeting 5 different subgroups of audience, these creatives were then fed into DSPs for dynamic creative targeting against the relevant audience set.
Adaptibility of DCO allowed us automate personalized adserving to 6Million unique cookies from one single creative template. This resulted in a creation of hyper personalized and automated AdFactory to launch 500+ dynamic creatives.

Results and Effectiveness
HyperPersonalization led to fall in lead volume by 71%, CPA increased by 88%. Superficially, results were disasterous. However, agency didn’t get fired, but got rewarded instead. Appointment rate grew by 100%, approval rate rose by 25%, average loan size grew by 9%. And RM1 spend on performance generated RM421 in business.