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Bringing Home The Chinese New Year Auspicious GOLD with Coca-Cola

Advertiser: Coca-Cola
Brand: Coca-Cola
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The Challenges
ChineseNewYear drives 25% of sparkling drinks volume. Being the beverage of choice during this festive period is absolutely critical. How does CocaCola become the primary choice of beverage among Chinese Mums, while every competitor aggressively wants the same?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Chinese consumers want to start ChineseNewYear with a positive outlook, to lead a better year ahead. Chinese families, particularly Chinese mums, buy auspicious items, from symbolic dishes, snacks, and even FengShui ornaments, to counteract potential and recent negativity and bring about luck and prosperity. Coke turned their packaging into a symbol of “Auspiciousness” by Coke launching 8 auspicious can designs and lucky promo “GOLD” cans during ChineseNewYear to act as prosperity boosters, but we also needed to put ourselves as close to purchase consideration as possible. Newspapers are a common “goto” for Chinese moms with an active purchase mindset, who are looking for special ChineseNewYear promotions.

Media Execution
We kicked started campaign awareness by owning the cover page and Page3 with top panels in the highest reaching Chinese newspapers throughout the nation as our teaser. This allowed us to strategically grab the Chinese Mums’ attention during the launch and maximize the awareness of the new Coke auspicious can designs. In order to drive purchase intention, we directly took advantage of Chinese Mums’ “active purchase” mindset by placing our bottom panel ads facing corresponding retailer advertisements and promotions, almost to suggest it was the retailer’s hero promotion. The Coke Gold Bottle Promo was strategically placed in these bottom panels, attracting the attention of the Chinese Mums, by using “GOLD CAN” in bold letters.

Results and Effectiveness
Our purchase measure and perception scores grew phenomenally across the board: Value share: +2.2% ChineseNewYear2018 vs. ChineseNewYear2017 Value sales per point of distribution: +9.5% ChineseNewYear2018 vs. ChineseNewYear2017 Consumptions: +23% January2018 vs. January2017 Most importantly Coke Value Sales increased +10.6% during ChineseNewYear2018 vs. ChineseNewYear2017.