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Impact is the New Reach!

Advertiser: Giant
Brand: Giant
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Giant, the retailer was ailing from flatlining sales. With 80% ad spends hinged on Print, we had to nudge print to work harder to drive sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Using econometric modeling, we studied 52 weeks of spends & media data & learned:
1. Print contributed to 15% of Giant’s sales: the topper in the media mix
2. Deep diving into the print mix, we learned that 2 titles drove 50% of sales with just 20% of the budget, putting pressure on the ‘budget heavy yet sales poor’ 5 titles.
3. Analyzing placements, we discovered: within ‘budget heavy sales poor’ 5 titles, Panel Ads drove 2X sales than Full Page Full Colour Ads & the converse was true for the performing 2 titles
The Aha Moment: We had pinpointed the sales contribution every cc on Print could drive; sliced by title, Page & Ad format, helping us craft ‘certain to drive sales’ print plans. We had coined a measure ‘Impact per CC’ dictating how we buy Print, putting the cookie cutter ‘Cost per Reach’ to shame.

Media Execution
Two key changes were actioned:
1. As Panel Ads contributed more to sales, we migrated budgets from Full Page Colour Ads to Panel Ads making TheStar with 40% spend share, work harder.
2. With savings from the above, acknowledging SinChew as the top sales driver we upped SinChew’s budget to 25% from 10%. A custom solution designed specifically for Giant, taking the category’s nuances into purview.

Results and Effectiveness
With the same budget, we drove 22 million incremental sales value adorning Giant with its best sales year in 4 years. We had nudged the contribution of Print to Giant’s overall sales from 15% to 22%. As the industry wrote off the comatose ‘Reach medium’ Print, we redefined the role of Print as an ‘impact medium’ and made every dollar spent on Print count.