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Advertiser: PETRONAS
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The Challenges
NationalDay advertising is a well established practice is Malaysian marketing calendar. Brands celebrate the day with emotional & culturally rooted messaging. With winds of change blowing across the country post 2018′s GE14, PETRONAS; Malaysia’s iconic brand, challenged the agency to break the mould & ensure uniqueness for PETRONAS’ 2018 celebrations.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
NationalDay is a day when the entire country comes together & shares their vision of Malaysia’s future. We realized that amongst all in the Rakyat, a child’s vision of the future & his/her dreams are reflective of a nation’s true hopes & aspirations. The agency recommended creating a first of its kind NationalDay campaign for PETRONAS with these dreams and aspirations of Malaysian kids at the centrestage; bringing to life #Ceritakita.

Media Execution
We partnered with NSTP to bring alive the vision of kids who travelled across the country to capture their hopes & aspirations in a photo anthology. However, instead of the usual FPFC, we partnered kids with the editorial team to craft the front page story for the NationalDay and showcase their vision of the future and report on what they saw and what excited them about the future. Kids reported in four distinctive themes; Love, Family & Hope with a headline titled ”Our Malaysia, Our Story”. This was the first time that NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE WAS DESIGNED & EXECUTED BY KIDS. And that’s how we inspired Malaysians to see the country anew & aspire for greater heights from the lens of a child.

Results and Effectiveness
Innovative & unique partnership yielded unprecedented results with the Newspaper campaign reaching more than 5,000,000 with an overall reach of 15,000,000+ Malaysians with more than 12,000,000 social interactions and inspiring Malaysians across generation with the vision of the country by kids. Thus PETRONAS helped Malaysia usher in NationalDay campaign in a unique celebration.