Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

Sunsilk Sis Cuba

Advertiser: Sunsilk
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Malay Hair Care market competition is intense and fierce with usually very loyal consumers. Therefore, to win them owner Sunsilk needed to continue to innovate by launching new variant anti leper. However, the right product required the right platform to connect with the consumers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
While looking through the social and conversational nuances of Malay girls, we realized that they consider their friends a tribe and love calling them Sis. In fact, ‘Sis’ is the most commonly used term between Malay women to address other women. Sunsilk on the other hand had been conveying the message of Sisterhood since 2016. So, when we saw the #SisCuba trending on Instagram we knew we were on to something. Our second insight was about Malay audience’s keen interest in dramas on television. Dramas are a popular content format among Malay’s; we crafted a customized drama content for Sunsilk users pivoted on friendship to engage with out audience.

Media Execution
Partnered with Media Prima to telecast an episodic drama on TV3 with a repeat on NTV7 Star cast included celebrities like Nabila Razali and Aimen Hakim.We further kept the audiences hooked by getting them to predict the upcoming episodes through call outs and participation on social media. We also arranged for a meet and greet session for the winners. We also blurred the boundries of onair and onground by bringing the scarves featured in the content to instore. This way we gave away something tangible to the audience beyond the TV experience of the content.

Results and Effectiveness
Caught 18Mn eyeballs and topped at number 3 on the TV3 Program list. The shares moved by 200bps.