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Fried Chicken – The Next Maharaja of Comedies

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
School holidays spelled trouble for KFC because our Malay loyalists would travel out for staycations, forgoing their preferred KFCs in favour of the laksa in Penang and nasi ganja in Ipoh. With their eating patterns changing, we had a huge task ahead. Compete with the culture of travelling during holidays to regain product relevance.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Regardless of travel, there are two things that Malays carry everywhere:
(1) Their sense of humour
(2) Entertaining, hilarious content!
Long drives? They’ll pull up Sepahtu (comedy group) videos and laugh through the hours. Bored at their kampung? They’ll switch on TV to watch MaharajaLawak (comedy competition).
Our idea: as KFC, we wanted our fried chicken to be their loyal companion in moments of giggles. Make every comedy platform during school holidays better with KFC!

Media Execution
We partnered with the Kings of Comedy: The comedians of Astro’s MaharajaLawakMega during school holidays. Via social listening, we identified 4 buckets of comedy content that Malays share online:
[1] Comedy SKETCHES on TV: Our fried chicken became the star of comedians’ sketches. Audiences were entertained seeing the comedians running out of the stage with our chicken.
[2] TV Drama PARODIES on Digital: The comedians took original scenes from top Malay dramas & peppered it with a Chicken & Comedy twist.
[3] GOSSIP on Digital: We built a ‘KFCPartyLounge’ for comedians to spill juicy gossip while eating our juicy chicken!
[4] REAL LIFE PRANKS in Stores: The comedians pranked KFC patrons by posing as KFC employees in store, rewarding them with free chicken. All the content created was shared on TV, social and boosted driving reach.

Results and Effectiveness
Top of mind with Malays increased by 13%. Brand share grew +18%, higher than our strongest competitor. TV content reached 5.6 million Malays, with average 11 million reach weekly on social. Our parody videos were viewed over 1.6 million times, with average view rates 5.3x higher than benchmarks!