Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Think Mudah! Think fortune! Think 32665!

Advertiser: Mudah
Brand: Mudah
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The Challenges is Malaysia’s largest online marketplace. However, it’s often perceived to be just a second hand marketplace, something the Chinese tend to avoid during CNY. What the brand was up against wasn’t just a perception but a cultural taboo. How do we then build affinity with the Chinese during this festive period?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Chinese believe numbers hold the answer to fortune, with some even rearing a flowerhorn representative of the lucky number 8 to attract wealth. Obviously, CNY was the season for buying, but it was also the time for cleansing, a time to sweep out bad luck and usher in prosperity. So was born the radical idea, of encouraging people to ‘Uncover Prosperity’ through their own efforts of selling on, instead of relying on chance (numbers). In the season of buying, focus on selling! It was certain that if we can get the Chinese to sell on, buying would be their next natural move. Introducing 32665! Content nudging commerce!

Media Execution
#1 Kindling conversations: We launched a funny video with catchy music, depicting a superstitious family convinced that they’ve struck a fortune, only to realize that 32665 decoded, means We brought back the much loved characters from 2018 HoEeKi and cast them in 32665 thereby prodding conversations aplenty. Tasking media to deliver maximum frequency, we conquered the web via Google, Facebook & Programmatic buys.
#2 Nudge Selling: Contextually, we conquered all product categories that the Chinese were likely to buy through an extensive performance campaign and urged them to sell.

Results and Effectiveness
Intent to use grew by 225%. The buzz amongst the Chinese grew by 177% & recommendations shot up by 103%. With more than 7 million views on Facebook & YouTube, brand value score grew by 109%, turning into the preferred destination during Chinese New Year!