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Hotlink strikes a (music) chord with Millennials

Advertiser: Hotlink
Brand: Hotlink
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The Challenges
Brands love millennials: Their purchasing power is increasing. They have huge peer influence.The biggest passion point brands can leverage on would be music, hence the current overtly saturated landscape of music sponsorships&celebrities. Hotlink needed a clever approach to stand out.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
What else do we know about millennials and their music? From consumer research, we discovered a strong insight:– “Millennials rather spend on unique experiences than a status brand” Hotlink’s Strategy: Music is about “meaningful moments” if we own the experience, we own music, and we own the millennials. Our idea was then to create the best darned music experience “Hotlink Red Muzik Tanpa Had” for the Malaynnials, Hotlink’s core target audience, co created with one of Malaysia’s ultimate music influencer.

Media Execution
We engaged As’ad Motawh, a 17 yo rising talent (whose first Youtube song garnered 17mil streams). Aside from music, he is also highly revered on social media (his #KikiChallenge video generated 3mil organic views in 5 days). Hotlink’s content collaboration with As’ad aimed to ride on the anticipation of his upcoming second music single “Percaya”, across multi platforms that would provide the best music experience:
1) Teaser phase on social media: Hotlink, As’ad & his celebrity friends dropped the word on the release of Percaya #MuzikTanpaHad
2) Sneak Peak onground and online: exclusive preview of Percaya via a Hotlink sponsored music event, covered on Facebook Live
3) Online Music Video launch: launch of the Percaya music video & dance video engagement on Hotlink’s Youtube & social channels

Results and Effectiveness
1. 2.5mil total views across all Hotlink branded collaboration video assets 2. Search interest for “HotlinkRed” spiked from 20% to 65% on Oct 26 (MV release) 3. Significantly low bounce rate of 47% versus the usual 80% benchmark for traffic on Hotlink product site 4. 80% increase in positive social sentiments during campaign period. Malaynnial music lovers adored Hotlink!