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Coca Cola Uplifts Campuses with An In-Moment Sensory Experience

Advertiser: Coke
Brand: Coke
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The Challenges
Afternoons are when students get a “pressure” release, to momentarily break away from the classroom to spend time on things they naturally enjoy. But due to mental drain, they spend the best part of their day in a lethargic slump, looking for ways to reenergize themselves. CocaCola was positioned to strengthen belief amongst the youth that Coke energizes and helps them beat the afternoon slump.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Sampling of Coke in campuses is a given. But what about when the product isn’t immediately available? We couldn’t just tell our young consumers to drink Coke. We had to perpetually make them imagine the act, as if they had the bottle in their hands, and were drinking it right at that moment in campus. The idea: disrupt the youth in their afternoons in and around the campuses, by providing the sensoryrich experience of drinking Coke, embedding the product as part of their ritual to beat the afternoon slump.

Media Execution
The fizz & pop of the opening, the hiss of the liquid, the clink and crack of the ice, and the delicious & unique taste of Coke are the product cues we activated as we rolled out the illumination posters, being the first advertiser to execute this in 35 different campuses across Klang Valley, Northern, Southern, East Coast, and East Malaysia. The illumination posters surprized the youth with sound and lighting effects as it sensed students closely walking by through motion detection technology. The creative and explicit use of audio and illumination cues reinforced and reminded our young consumers of the very sensory qualities they innately love about Coke right at the moment of need.

Results and Effectiveness
Among the youth, our ‘energizing’ brand perception instantly doubled (+7percentagepoints) and over 363,000 additional young consumers Coke’s message topofmind, all leading to relevance measures a full 17percentagepoints above Coke brand norms.