Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

FRISO Captures the Holy Grail of Targeting

Advertiser: Dutch Lady
Brand: Friso
Creative Agency: Reprise Media
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Goh Soo Mei (Media Manager), Olivia Lee (Media Planner), Chow Lee Kheng (Media Buyer), Ullas Sahadevan (Search Director, Reprise Media), Rahul Colaco (Marketing Director, Dutch Lady Milk Industries), Debby Ho (Marketing Manager, Dutch Lady Milk Industries)

Friso had different products catering to all the stages of motherhood. But there was no way of precisely targeting the different segments i.e Pregnant Woman, mother-with-kids 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, with two kids or one expecting her second or third child, with the relevant product offerings from FRISO

Mothers being a concerned lot, high volume of kids nutrition and pregnancy related search were happening. Using this insight we decided to talk to the 7 different segments of mothers via the use of the new Multi-link search – first time ever in Malaysia, in Google search. This innovation allowed us to match ALL SEVEN different mother profiles with the different relevant product offerings and drive sampling with the same message.

We placed 4 different links below the key message, directed towards the mothers, on text ads. By doing so mothers/Would-be mothers saw the product which was relevant to them and made their choice. This break-through idea helped us match Seven audience profiles to 3 segmented products; Friso Gold 3 (1-3 yr olds), Friso Gold 4 (3-9 yr olds), Friso Mum Gold (Pregnant Moms). The last link ‘Request Free Sample’ closed the loop of consumer choice.

It took the search category by storm by talking to 7 segments in one Ad, achieving a CTR of 3.09%, 206% higher than the industry benchmark. The cost- per-acquisition was 76% lower than traditional methods. About 28,000 leads was generated in a short time. Friso Sales increased by 32% YoY.