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How NIVEA MEN redrew the lines of battle; leaving its competitors behind on the pitch and took on an electronic frontier

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The Challenges
Launched in 2016, NIVEA MEN’s MYpadang is one of Malaysia’s most successful sports marketing campaigns. Its premise of grooming Malaysia’s future football stars on and off the pitch is key in growing the brand’s market share from 17.6% to 21.1% in 2017. MYpadang began life on the local football pitch, engaging and training budding local footballers, which expanded to a national level by integrating trainings with former national players to prepare local heroes for the world stage. However, the success of the campaign bred copycats, launching their own football tieups and sponsorships. Local talent grooming wasn’t exclusive to NIVEA MEN anymore, a new battleground had to be defined, with the aim of maintaining’s the brand’s growth goal of 20% YoY.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
As of 2017, nearly half of Malaysians are gaming, with 8.2 million Malaysian FIFA gamers alone. Combining the MYpadang concept with the incredibly relevant digital gaming platform of EA Sport’s FIFA Online, eMYPadang premiered in August 2018. A championship series played both online and onground, NIVEA MEN eMYpadang set out to find the best efootballer in Malaysia. Critically, eMYpadang sought to acquire a new generation of men adverse to the idea of buying men’s wash products by speaking to their passion by combining what they love: a ravenous appetite for video, worship of gaming heroes, and creating product relevance to a growing form of digital athletes.

Media Execution
Influence is everything: Every game has its stars – we recruited Malaysia’s top players of the game as beacons of participation, including prominent Malaysian esports caster Matthew Isaac and influencer Dennis Yin who humorously groomed players on the match and on skincare tips. Precision is key: Aligned with FIFA gaming passion, we tapped into the 2 largest channels where gaming content is the highest, YouTube & Twitch became key engagement flashpoints. Utilizing custom intent and retargeting to previous NIVEA Men audiences, ensured the highest relevance. Facebook videos brought product relevance to a sport they loved – extoling the virtues of keeping one fresh and clean against a target audience known to game for hours. Responsive Ads gave relevance adapting to where it’s seen – men browsing football content saw ads that spoke to football interests and drove participation. A Tournament that ties it all together: Over 500,000 gamers across 11 states were reached in partnership with Garena, activating across online and physical (cybercafé) qualifiers, along with a Grand Finale that was streamed live to fans of football and the game alike.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign recorded the highest video view rate in NIVEA MEN history, almost 10% more than year average. In addition to that, NIVEA recorded the Highest CTR for our product ads, a 5x increase over any other NIVEA Men campaign, with display ads scoring 2x CTR above year average. This resulted in contest signups exceeded planned registrations by 200%. Generating the highest market share growth (4.3%) in the entire category, NIVEA MEN saw itself achieving a +20% YOY growth, leading to an alltime high market share of 24%, further cementing its No. 2 position.