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Little Giant Stories

Advertiser: Giant
Brand: Giant
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The Challenges
The Pioneer was no longer the leader: Since 1944, people were shopping at Giant. 74 long years later, the category code was being dictated by ‘potato & onion’ promotions & Giant had lost its emotional connect with shoppers. It hit where it hurts the most: footfalls, basket size & affinity scores were plummeting.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We analyzed 3 years of social listening data and scoured mentions around Giant and other retailers like Tesco, AeonBig and realized 2 things: Giant is a store with stories. There was one thing that clearly stood out versus the others: While our competitors were associated with promotions, we were associated with emotions. We were a store that stood for different things for different people. A place for first dates or where friends hang out, where families spend their Sunday afternoons together, a place of bravery, a kids playground where they play hide and seek in the aisles, where careers were made (Sysomos). There were also 2 main heroes across the mentions: our customers and our employees. Conversing and sharing their journey and experiences with Giant. Lets celebrate our store with stories. Introducing, Little Giant Stories.

Media Execution
We brought to life these real experiences in a master video called “Little Giant Stories” We launched the video on a YOUTUBE MASTHEAD to cast a wide net and emotionally connect with audiences. To sustain via frequency, we ran 6 second BUMPERS. We had started triggering conversations and shares. To keep the momentum going, on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, we launched four 15 seconder versions of “Little Giant Stories” around themes of Hero, Love, Career, and Bravery. To spark the revival of our brand love,we partnered with a top content network SAYS (, OhBulan and RojakLah!). Giving us in roads into Malay, Chinese and English content readers. The video was hosted on the network and backed with inspirational articles on the stories featured within the “Little Giant Stories”. With Display, Social and Video, we maintained momentum online across 4 weeks. All the action that we stirred in terms of consumer stories and shares were housed on “Little Giant Stories” microsite to keep people coming back.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign touched people’s hearts across generations. “Little Giant Stories” reminded users of their own stories, bringing back the love for the pioneer store! > Brand health study showed a 30% recall lift, even after 2 months! > With over 1 million views on Youtube masthead, it was the most trending video during Merdeka 2018, beating industry leaders like RHB, Maxis, CelcomAxiata and Petronas. >With more than 3 million views on Facebook and Instagram, campaign assets were shared on social over 200,000+ times > Time spent on the content seeded on SAYS network was 41% higher than industry benchmarks > We recorded 500,000+ sessions on our microsite in just 4 weeks. A first for Giant!