Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: Maxis
Brand: Maxis
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The Challenges
Chinese New Year is a time for tradition but it is also challenging to stand out with mountains of greeting ads. Brands spends millions with hope to create lasting engagement. Can Maxis go beyond the traditional type executions to build a memorable campaign?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In Chinese tradition, the lion dance symbolise great power & fortune. Every household would want one in their homes. However, lion dances are hard to come by as it is expensive & scarce. So this year, we reimagined the way you experience lion dance with Maxis HuatAR AngPao + HuatAR app, a firstofitskind angpow packet that helps bring “Ah Huat” the “lion” to homes using augmented reality. With your mobile and the Maxis HuatAR app, you can watch and even participate in the lion dance! Now, lion dances are on the hands of every Malaysian.

Media Execution
Ah Huat the Lion wanted to ensure every Malaysian enjoyed an auspicious CNY by having their very own personal lion dance. Maxis Owned Assets provided a destination to access Ah Huat 1) Mobile App: Maxis Ah Huat AR was realistically designed in partnership with a worldchampion lion dance troupe. Three variation lion dance was created symblising luck in career, health and prosperity 2) Angpaos contain AR marker to activate Ah Huat redeemable from Maxis stores 3) Maxis HUAT AR website provided sneak peek of how the HUAT AR app works as a desktop version and how they can access the three lion dance. Paid Media maximised coverage for Ah Huat before CNY 1) Maxis loveable Hokkienspeaking lion, Ah Huat humoured Malaysian via Youtube and Facebook video 2) Kiasu Ah Huat even created a “Guide to Huat AR” article on top social news platform ( making sure every Malaysian can get their hands on their very own personal lion dance this Chinese New Year 3) For users who are actively searching for lion dance prices/performances or relevant Chinese New Year fengshui blessings ie. “how to attract business luck”, “how to do better in my career”, Ah Huat made his appearance on search platform.

Results and Effectiveness
1.Huat AR was talk of the town: 4.8m video views, 16k video shares, 25k social reactions, 1.8k positive comments Top 10 in AppStore #8 Top YouTube ads in Malaysia (Q1’2018) Winner of The Drum’s APAC creative work of the week 20k+ public posts on Instagram (#HuatAR, #MaxisHuatAR, #MaxisHuat). All 105,192 angpaos were redeemed by 3 weeks
2. YoY increase in instore traffic: +4.5%
3. YoY increase in sales volume: +6%