Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Avengers: BMW Dealers Unite for End Game

Advertiser: BMW Malaysia
Brand: BMW Malaysia
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The Challenges
BMW Malaysia operates as a brand custodian for the BMW brand in Malaysia. That means it doesn’t sell cars. Currently, BMW has 7 dealerships with 7 fragmented digital marketing approach. It often competes against each other and opens up vulnerabilities that are exploited by competitors.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The solution was to focus on BMW’s end game, the increase of total vehicle sales across all dealerships. The agency propose a complete rehaul of how dealerships operates digitally. Instead of competition for sales against each other, we merge all digital activities together to scale up as 1 unit against competitors whilst providing a consistent customer experience across all dealerships.

Media Execution
We started by turning all dealership websites into a unified BMW Showroom. We recreated the BMW dealership website from the ground up to provide a smooth and consistent aesthetics feel. We then implemented cross website analytics solutions we were then able to track and optimize performance for each dealership in relation to the other dealerships. On Search marketing, we integrated the dealer’s search campaign into 1 master search account to ensure the dealerships do not bid against each other, instead worked together to outbid competitors.

Results and Effectiveness
We achieved our end game result, an increase of 13% sales YOY, achieving one of the best sales year so far. Digitally, we achieved 20% Increase in overall test drive submissions. 15% increase in secondary goals (contact dealer, appointments). We further improved engagements by up to 500% on social media and bounce rates on site dropped to 21% from.