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Everything’s Better with the KFC Golden Egg Crunch – even Ad Breaks

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
Come 2018 Chinese New Year (CNY), KFC launched its very own salted egg yolk infused chicken, the Golden Egg Crunch (GEC). However, we were just one among 24 food brands riding the salted egg wave. We set out with the ambitious goal to sell out GEC in 8 weeks in the middle of the most cluttered season.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
A sellout goal demanded an unapologetically high TOM, which meant investing in TV. However, CNY is the season when the fast food category goes ballistic on media. 2017 recorded +377% increase in adspends! We chose to ‘Outsmart and not Outspend’. Aha: 87% of TV viewers browse their devices as they watch TV. What if we used technology to bridge digital and TV & create a simultaneous experience? What if we delivered a brand message on digital that is connected to what’s playing on TV at the same time? Idea: Cross screen hijack done right, with the right content!

Media Execution
1. We predicted 20 ads that would be popular, by econometrically modelling 10 years of CNY commercials and understanding patterns on budgeting, reach and social conversations.
2. We singled out the memorable part of each of the 20 ads via an algorithm.
3. We created 20 KFC parody videos, each mimicking the popular 20 ads with a GEC twist.
4. Leveraging on TV sync technology when the popular 20 TVCs aired, KFC parody videos were activated on mobile. Example: when Panadol ads played on TV, we deployed Panadol lookalike video on mobile promoting the GEC in real time.

Results and Effectiveness
The GEC sold out in 6 weeks, delivering a 38% sales lift. Visits to KFC increased by 2%, when eating out dropped by 5%. Captured 4 million video views that would have cost 1260% more with just TV. McDonald’s responded to our stunt driving even more noise.