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2019 | |

Move ROLVA to Tesco

Advertiser: Tesco
Brand: Tesco
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
In a competitive retail landscape, Tesco is always looking for creative tactics to acquire new customers and drive repeat visits. Our objective was to aggressively steal key competitor’s share, targeting Giant customers. While lucrative, data driven online to offline campaigns are challenging for retailers. While mobile is an effective channel, location based initiatives often lack relevant reach and accuracy, making it an expensive tactic.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Our target customers are Value Seekers driven by price offers. Conversion are higher when offers are presented within close proximity to a Tesco store. Our strategy is to identify these specific audience, entice them with a great offer and close the loop by driving immediate visit to a Tesco store. Based on Precision Marketing principles, we collaborated with our location data partner to create a solution that enables audience profiling based on historical visits, ad serving using realtime proximity and optimize conversion efficiencies.

Media Execution
We selected 7 Tesco stores, tagged 13 nearby Giant stores, identified visitors to these Giant stores in the past 90 days, and created a custom audience of 1.95M users. We served them an ad when they’re within 5km of selected Tesco stores with a cashback offer redeemable at their next visit through the Tesco app. To drive urgency, we limited redemption to the 3week campaign period. Conversion completes when users click to download and signup for Tesco Clubcard membership, and redeem the offer at the physical store. We optimized by analysing ad performance versus conversions between 2 distinct groups of users exposed and not exposed to the ads, and improved reach and conversion efficiencies.

Results and Effectiveness
We achieved our objective of stealing competitors’ share and driving actual conversions for Tesco with an effective and efficient data driven solution. With a small media budget of RM50K, the campaign exceeded all KPI targets, generating over RM1M in incremental sales with a 7x ROAS.