Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

Harum-meter: Can capture freshness meh? Can la!

Advertiser: Listerine
Brand: Listerine
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Listerine has a strong penetration amongst the Chinese, not amongst the Malays. Come May 2018, we had a paradoxical problem: It was Ramadan which meant long fasting hours, potentially leading to bacteria build up resulting in bad breath, the perfect time to sell Listerine. But its Ramadan, even rinsing is considered “Batal Puasa”.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Ramadan is a time of spiritual discipline: contemplation of one’s relationship with God, prayers, fasting, charity, and abstaining from ill thoughts. It’s also a time of celebration and joy, exchanging festive greetings, paying compliments, well wishes for the community and friends. Killing germs wasn’t going to be enough, we needed to get closer to Malay values and beliefs. We decided to move the conversations from mere germs to something more harum… Introducing The Harum Meter: a widget that gauges how sweet you are this Ramadan!

Media Execution
Our audiences spent over 3+ hours on mobile each day (GlobalWebIndex). The ‘HarumMeter’ widget was hosted on a mobile friendly microsite. Using the microphone, site visitors recited a pregenerated line in a ‘Harum’ manner. Points were awarded for submissions. Prizes were won weekly & grand prizes were awarded to submissions that were most ‘Harum’. To amplify the never done HarumMeter, and to get consumers to participate: On social media, we contextually promoted 10 second videos describing the HarumMeter. Social posts and GIFs on Facebook and Instastories as well as YouTube Bumper ads called out for submissions. We also leveraged on our Owned assets to scale up submissions. A confluence of paid and owned on mobile, driving earned mentions. To keep up the festivities, a Ramadan themed Listerine ad was run on Youtube with Trueview 15 seconds buys.

Results and Effectiveness
Boy, did we make Malays Harum! We saw an 8% uplift in sales vs 2017. We received 1,400 entries, unheard of accolade. Our Facebook page gained 5,000 new followers.