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#EmoojiKu: How Tweens discovered a new language of Emojis through the power of sound

Advertiser: Dutch Lady
Brand: Dutch Lady
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
The Flavoured milk category in Malaysia in 2018 was on a downslide with penetration declining Y.OY. Advertiser War broke out with Competitors doubling spends to fight for the depleting market. But how could Dutch Lady with half its competitor budgets ever compete for market share?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Solution lied in understanding our audience. We observed that while our TG Tweens dwelled in music & fashion as key interests, they stayed in silent denial of their personalities that fuels their impulsive food habits. So, we worked on the insight “Tweens learn from Self Discovery. If you force them, they won’t budge, if you make them discover it, they will OWN it” Dutch Lady devised a strategy where Tweens discovering themselves will lead to talkability lending to higher SOV & a stronger Brand Recall at POS. “Discover them, so they discover us” So for the first time in the world history, Dutch Lady took the lead to create an online Tool that allowed Tweens to discover their identity through the language they know best – EMOJIS & Music. #EmoojiKu, a fun & musical online tool using Emojis, made in partnership with Spotify identified the Tween’s state of mind & revealed the Tween’s personality by identifying with their taste in music.

Media Execution
This one of a kind tool on Spotify’s microsite, worked on an insightful algorithm Identifying Mood with the State of mind, Hairstyle with danceability & Instrument with the Genre of music. Spotify randomized this data story into a custom playlist revealing the Tween’s true identity.

Results and Effectiveness
A small step for man, a huge step for TWEENkind ! Penetration of DL flavours rocketed to +1.3p.p (6.5% Oct’18 to 7.8% Dec’18) despite a decline in category penetration nationwide. DutchLady hit the highest penetration for chocolate flavor since 3 quarters.
Source : Kantar Worldpanel, Dec 2018