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WuuDapDap! The Sound of Tasting The Surprise

Advertiser: Nutri Boost
Brand: Nutri Boost
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The Challenges
NutriBoost is a new product concept (a drink of milk and fruit juice) which faced difficulties as the Malaysian market does not associate the combination with great taste. The task was to help Malaysians believe that NutriBoost is a delicious drink and is good for them too.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
While Young Urban Professionals are concerned about their health, they want to fully live out their 20s and not compromise on their indulgences forcing a choice between two wants: choosing healthy snacks versus choosing tasty snacks. Enter NutriBoost a surprisingly delicious snack that addresses both the wants of these young adults, nutrition and great taste in one to suit in between meal snack cravings.

Media Execution
We turned that surprising discovery of delicious taste into a memorable soundbyte”: “WuuDapDap”, the sound you make when you consume the product (short for wuu = woohoo!, dap 2x = sedap (delicious)), and activated it as a jingle everywhere our audiences are: on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, OLV networks, Joox, and Spotify while on the go between meals, in relevant physical cinema & MBO, 7Eleven, & MyNews on screen and whenever they open the fridge door to pick out a product, and even while intransit inside Grab cars with incar tablets or at LRT stations with sampling booths, passengers were reminded of the WuuDapDap message. And finally, we encouraged consumers to ‘Shazam’ the WuuDapDap jingle which was airing on every platform, through an audio fingerprinting app that helps consumers find songs based on short sound bites, to redeem their free bottle of NutriBoost, completing the audio centric rhetoric to our audience.

Results and Effectiveness
1) 83% of people who Shazamed our jingle registrered within the same day
2) Google BLS measured +50% brand awareness
3) Brand Awareness: +11
4) Great Tasting +60
5) Healthy Beverage Option +54
6) Nutritious metric +50
7) 86% of trialists became NutriBoost drinkers (repeat purchasers)