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unifi mobile champions change in mobile behavior

Advertiser: unifi
Brand: unifi
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The Challenges
unifi is synonymous to home broadband. To be a brand “with you always”, unifi needed to go beyond the home; thus launching its mobile offering. How do we quickly establish unifi as a mobile service provider, in the highly cluttered telco environment with less than 1/10th of the typical launch budgets of our competitors?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
As the new mobile alternative, unifi looked to associate to a bigger purpose. So we championed the cause of “mobile wellness”, inspired by the FacebookCambridge Analytica scandal, and the public’s growing concern with our increased mobile dependence. To create nationwide relevance amongst more than 16 million mobile users (15+), radio was the perfect channel. Partnering with radio stations and positioning it as a Public Service Announcement (PSA), enabled multiple copy rotation, at mass, at only 30% the usual cost per spot.

Media Execution
We developed 64 variations of PSAs for 8 top English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil stations, 18 hours of the day, for a whole launch month – that’s 2,879 opportunities to hear! The PSAs covered 5 key “mobile wellness” behavior each tagged with the unifi jingle to drive brand recognition and its new proposition of being “with you always”:
1. Personal safety – Texting while driving/walking
2. Cyber safety – Risk of online predators
3. Fostering relationships – Disconnect to connect facetoface
4. Social impact for a better internet – Cyber bullying 5. Netiquette – Treat others how you want to be treated

Results and Effectiveness
1. unifi brand sentiment hits its highest in 3 years (40.9%)
2. 44% of Malaysians were now aware of unifi mobile
3. How did we attribute this to radio? Recognition of the radio ad was significantly higher than Malaysia norms. It also scored the best for “enjoyment” (vs. any other channels) and shared the top spot for driving likelihood to subscribe. Source: Yougov and unifi brand health tracking