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Listen, Listen, Listen – An Unheard of Burger!

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
No millennials eat burgers at KFC, they’d rather choose McDonald’s. To court millennials, KFC launched a burger that is unheard of and unique: The WaffleBurger. The question was, how do we build product likeability and drive sales?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Media stereotypes millennials as ‘lazy’ and ‘vain’ social addicts. To see them beyond the stereotypes, we needed to immerse ourselves into their minds. Since music mirrors the millennials best (2 hours spent daily on Spotify, GlobalWebIndex), we studied their music listening behaviour. Everyday, when millions of millennials fire up their Spotify, they are actually letting us into their real spirits. More than just tracks and playlists, what they listen to is reflective of their raw unconventional personalities hidden beneath their stereotypical identities. We see young, macho guys loving Selena Gomez and coy girls screaming out to Slipknot! These are the outliers who brands have ignored. We chose to talk to them in an unconventional way by tapping into their raw unconventional personalities, with an unconventional product!

Media Execution
Utilizing Spotify’s deep learning algorithms, we built several listener segments with unconventional music tastes, like:
(1) “Gentle” Men: Men who enjoy feminine songs.
(2) Power Women: Ladies who listen to aggressive, metal screamo songs.
(3) Youth With Old Soul: Young people who listen to songs from the past decades. For communication relevance, each genre was served with customized audio ads. With “Gentle” Men, we echoed that female songs aren’t just for women. With Power Women, we supported them to fight conventional labels.
Celebrating their unconventional side through in stream audio and banner ads, each message was tagged with WaffleBurger details and CTA to order it online for delivery.

Results and Effectiveness
Millennials flocked to KFC, stores footfall increased +6%. Campaign awareness with millennials peaked at 81%. CTR increased to 6.3x more than historical benchmarks, proof of our connection with them. Brand likability grew +5%.