Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: PETRONAS
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The Challenges
PETRONAS, an iconic Malaysian brand, has long been associated with Motorsports like F1, MotoGP & CubPrix events, but with the withdrawal of Sepang Circuit from F1 calendar there was a gap for true fans of the sport. In 2018 PETRONAS challenged us to develop a campaign to increase brand trademark with the fans.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The agency understood that the lack of a sporting icon in motorsports circuit meant that the sport attracted followers but not passionate fans, with the arrival of HafizhSyahrin Malaysian CubPrix champion, the country found an icon to rally behind and cheer for. Agency recommended deeping PETRONAS’ association with the sport and empowering passionate fans to “”HIT THE APEX”” & show their love and support for Malaysian hero Hafizh with a unique “”PengejarImpian”” (DreamChasers) campaign.

Media Execution
Agency recommended deploying a bespoke 3E approach to help existing fans cheer louder and convert casual supporters into fans. Entice: We started the campaign with radiospots week prior to the races during peak drivetime, inviting listeners & MotoGP enthusiasts to join the PETRONAS campaign. Engage: Engaging with the audiences in the hub providing them with details and information for prerace, race and postrace results. These were supported through series of social postings from Hot FM and its announcers. We also featured interviews from racers feeding the fan frenzy and building up PETRONAS’ association with the sport. Enroll: Onground appearance of renowned Hot FM announcers were deployed to convert these potential ‘Dream Chasers’ to PETRONAS advocates, championing their passion in the sport through exclusive fan interviews.

Results and Effectiveness
Radio campaign reached close to 1,000,000 audiences with 3,000,000 impressions gained. Over 900,000 conversations were recorded on social media. Onground, footfalls increased by 4% with campaign contributing to 8 times more loyalty card signups overachieving the KPI onground by 3 times.