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What A Prediction! +1.3 Million Coca-Cola Cases Sold

Advertiser: Coke
Brand: Coke
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The Challenges
FIFA World Cup is marked by excitement amongst fans, and over 500 advertisers competing for a piece of attention, relevance and consumption. CocaCola had a big challenge to galvanize the greater populace to make us the chosen beverage during this once every 4 years event.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
“Cupturalists”, the majority of football viewers, not as knowledgeable and current as their diehard counterparts but also fear missing out on related conversations with friends and family, need additional hooks to get themselves involved. Hence our role: keep Cupturalists connected to all the buzz through experiential hooks anchored on PREDICTIONS.

Media Execution
We deployed a multimedia approach with buzzworthy video content at heart. Bitesized branded videos asking Cupturalists to ‘Pick Your Team’ were spread all over the Stadium Astro’s social pages, and published further through image and poll posts on FB, IG, and IG Stories, allowing Cupturalists to vote through the adjacent comments section. We aggressively built SOV by being present in live, delayed, and repeated matches, anchored on a negotiated 19:1 ratio of values:investment TV sponsorship with Fox Sports, and reminded audiences to stock up before the succeeding matches and extended the same across multiple screens: programmatically on YouTube and video platforms, and in Cinema. As voting data grew, we developed even more prematch content this time in the form of predictions, and inturn shared them back onto Social spaces to ‘challenge’ more Cupturalists to participate. Realtime results were featured in FWC’s pre and halftime TV shows facilitated by hosts inviting more viewers to participate. Parallely, we activated our national promotion through Facebook posts for chances to win exclusive merchandise, limitededition Coke and a flight to watch the finals live.

Results and Effectiveness
Engagement rate surpassed target 3x. 35% of the promo posts’ comments features proof of purchase. Achieved record sales, +45%+ sales in June vs precampaign, +1.3 million cases sold!