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Penetrating YouTube safely with Durex

Advertiser: Durex
Brand: Durex
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The Challenges
Birth control and contraception is a sensitive subject in a Muslim majority country like Malaysia. As a result, Durex is not allowed to advertise on any of the highest reach mediums. We cannot get through LPF for Television. Facebook keeps taking down our ads for “violating” policy. Google will not even entertain the thought of advertising anything Durex.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
1: Since advertising on conventional mediums was a no no, we had to go unconventional.
2: Durex is a strong brand across Malaysian Chinese audiences but it remains very weak among Malays, particularly with millennial Malays. Religious reasons serves as a major barrier to entry for the Malay segment.
3: No celebrity in Malaysia want to associate themselves with a risqué brand like Durex. After marrying all three insights, we knew we had to integrate ourselves into a YouTube led piece of content, featuring a powerhouse Malay name. And all that while making sure content we integrated in with was fun and playful. We did not want to be educational. Easier said than done.

Media Execution
We identified content from Media Prima’s Youtube channels called Sembang Jantan. This content targeted Malay millennials and featured known celebrities who are honest and open. We branded the topic of discussion; “Family Planning.” The episode featured Tomok who led the conversations and took part in challenges. He gave his personal views on Durex Real Feels and was game.

Results and Effectiveness
This was the first time Durex was able to penetrate any of the top reach mediums and be open about family planning. They could also associate themselves with a famous Malay celebrity. The episode organically achieved 80% more views than any other episode while achieving a 7% engagement with the Malay audiences. #Winning