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It’s Macho To Talk About Periods & Menstruation.

Advertiser: Libresse
Brand: Libresse
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The Challenges
Despite a lot of progress and awareness, menstruation cycle remain a taboo for Malaysian women. Most Malaysian women feel uncomfortable & embarassed talking about their period cycle. This impacts their selfconfidence. In 2018, Libresse charged us to help remove taboo from menstruation cycle & engage Malaysians in a healthy discussion.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Research showed that men were one of the biggest contributors to period shame. Armed with this insight Libresse launched a Menstruation campaign targeting Woman and get them to share the content to MEN. Video campaign centered on educating men on what exactly happens to a woman’s body during the monthly period with creating a character called “Get Real Bro”, he’s a Man’s Man but his true Machismo is because he is respectful towards women and understands their problem during the monthly period cycle.

Media Execution
We’ve devised a strategy to build deeper engagement with the consumers to combat the higher share of voice achieved. Libresse created humorous and relatable videos asking men about menstruation and run though video platform eg Facebook & YouTube. The next step is to bring up Get Real Bro to life to speak the “guy’s language” about menstruation and to be the main character to understand women during period. Focused into views & engagements, using multi video platform, with managing reach duplication towards our core audience together with content curation sites to intrigue interest among consumers to drive talkability & shareability. Flexility of budget to move around biddable & non biddable platforms for optimum engagement & performance of the campaign.

Results and Effectiveness
Overall campaign have delivered a total of 27mil impressions, 4.6mil views, VTR 12%. Facebook garnered 12% VTR and also high engagement of 14% even the campaign is optimized towards video views. YouTube recorded an average of 36% VTR. Lastly, premum video network helps to garner 60% VTR.