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Advertiser: Hotlink
Brand: Hotlink
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The Challenges
Hotlink’s ‘Tanpa Had’ offers unlimited high speed internet. Our customers expects seamless connectivity for greater enjoyment and freedom to try new innovations. Whilst the product is ready to serve, how can we convince them that Hotlink should be the No. 1 choice?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insight: Hotlink’s audience, the “Malaynnials”, are strong digital users; however they still have fervent affinity to certain local Malay TV entertainment programmes. Once they are hooked, they want more! but the piece on TV can only hold so much content with limited airtime.
Strategy: Entertainment can be ‘Tanpa Had’ unlimited if we build an extension from the main programme.
Idea: We created a new channel for Hotlink, extending Malaynnial’s favourite local TV programmes onto a platform they are comfortable with, the internet! All branding stayed relevant to Hotlink’s proposition of “TanpaHad” – Hotlink brings UNLIMITED entertainment from TV to the internet.

Media Execution
With Astro, we identified top Malaynnial TV programmes: Meletop & HLive and built branded content not only in the show but also outside the show going into the digital platform. At the end of the TV show, the hosts will declare that “the show is not over, Hotlink Tanpa Had brings you 20 minutes more entertainment”. The host then appears on Facebook Live, as the extension of our show. Here , we leveraged its strength to encourage live user engagement. The hosts, who are big local celebrities in their own right, publicised the special Hotlink TanpaHad 20 minute pieces in advance on Facebook and Instagram.

Results and Effectiveness
1. 600k+ video views across 6 Facebook Live videos.
2. Impressive engagement rate of 25% versus branded content benchmark of 2%5%.
3. Increased search intent +7.2% versus recent largescale Hotlink campaign
4. Drove good web traffic to Hotlink site significantly low bounce rate of 20%30% versus the usual 80%90%.