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How We Turned A Chubby Kid Into THE Heartthrob of Malaysian Moms

Advertiser: Ribena
Brand: Ribena
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The Challenges
Last year, Ribena recalled 5 products nationwide due to production defects. Our reputation suffered with mothers sharing negative rumours about the brand across Whatsapp groups, causing Ribena’s market share to plummet from 11% to 2.6%. Our priority was to recover back Ribena’s 11% value market share from before the crisis happened.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To gain back the mothers’ trust, we found that there are only 2 people that can influence her to change her mind in the kitchen (1) Her Child & (2) A Professional Chef. Mothers have an eternal soft spot for children, with their hearts melting at the simple sight of kids’ chubby cheeks. While she trusts the opinions of professional chefs when it comes to serving the right food & drinks in the kitchen. We searched for one person who can fulfill BOTH criteria at the same time DanishHarraz, 11yearold kid baker and junior masterchef!

Media Execution
Danish created new, original recipes with Ribena integrated as main ingredients. From invigorating beverages like Ribena Lychee Refresher, to sweet hits like Ribena Crinkle Cookies & Ribena Blueberry Cake, mothers get a spread to choose to their heart’s desires! Danish’s social pages were converted into a ‘recipe book’ platform, allowing mothers to easily save and share the recipes. Danish released detailed video tutorials for each recipes, resulting in a total repository of 64 social postings recipes. We then launched an episodic video series, festive theme song and exclusive merchandise based on Danish’s popular recipes.

Results and Effectiveness
We achieved 11% value market share within a month. Our sales value increased by +67% more than before the crisis happened. Danish’s Ribena recipe posts were saved at average of 76 times per posts, with some posts getting up to 969 saves! Danish’s recipe videos were also covered in various content portals, leading to more than 14,000 social shares.