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Creating 100,000+ Influencers Out Of Scratch On Social Media

Advertiser: TENA
Brand: TENA
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The Challenges
Incontinence effects 1.4 Million Malaysians and due to the social stigma associated with it, people decide to remain silence about it. In order to avoid incontinence, they prefer staying alone, avoid social gatherings and physical activities. The challenge was to put stigma out of Incontinence by giving it an experiential touch to non sufferers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
After listening to 1000+ Social media conversations through multiple social listening tools, we decided to use “Empathy” as a tool to break the stigma by giving sufferers a psychological hug. The big idea is to turn every common man to become an influencer on Social Media and generate sea of conversation to raise awareness about the issue. Given by the “everyone can be an influencer approach” Tena introduced an experiential touch to social video marketing by creating a social experiment video to give voice to the common people to talk about their struggels with Incontinence.

Media Execution
The social experiment sees two caregivers and their parents partake in wearing TENA pants throughout 2 weeks to better understand the worries and fears experienced by an incontinence sufferer. Campaign was launched on Facebook and Google considering the talkability and engaging nature of two of the most widely reach platforms. Two specific audience sets 1) Caregivers 2) Ageing Parents were created. Digital footprints were created using 3rd Party and 1st Party Data and full throttle campaign was launched on those segments.

Results and Effectiveness
Results were overwhelming as TENA is considered a low interest product. Campaign received 3.4M views with 2 Million+ engagements in the span of only 4 weeks. 5000+ comments created a flood of conversations around a tabooed topic. As the talkability grew, stigma got less and less resulting into increase in sales by 26%. TENA also maitained its market leadership of being no.1 in market with 50% market share.