Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2019 | |

Kakaks, Your Wish is My Command.

Advertiser: Giant
Brand: Giant
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The Challenges
For Malaysians, Facebook is the Internet. Retailers like Tesco, Mydin and us Giant were guilty of bloodshed on newsfeeds. With ditto looking promotions, catalogues, value guarantees, testimonials & store updates; Facebook pages were choked. Aisles and SKUs were brawling for attention on the page. Yet, we couldn’t cherrypick because people wanted all of it: a classic conundrum! So, how could Giant cut through this sea of sameness on Facebook, drive more engagement and gain new shoppers?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Early 2018, Facebook recalibrated their algorithm to encourage visibility for people’s posts over brand posts. It struck us that Facebook groups received 4X higher visibility & 80%+ organic reach than pages. Real Deal: Retailers were under leveraging it! We studied our fans via IBM Watson. They were astute promo seekers; Kakaks were all eyes & ears; liking, sharing & discussing promos, pursuing the best promotions. Idea: What if we created an opt in Facebook group for our promo seeking “kakaks” and use the Facebook page to court new shoppers?

Media Execution
> We created HariHariValue (HHV) group and linked it to the Giant Facebook page. HHV engaged with the promo seeking Kakaks, while the brand page built affinity
> HHV content calendar was earmarked on promos; be it category, product, location or SKU
> Facebook page content calendar focused on ‘Stories in Store’, our staff & customers moments.
> Redistributing our media spends, we backed our Facebook page content with paid ads to acquire new shoppers. Fans had a choice to opt into HHV
> Optimizing on the go, we maximized engagements on HHV & courted shoppers on the Facebook page

Results and Effectiveness
> In 3 months, we acquired 12,000 new shoppers with a CPA of RM 5.86 & 131,000 engagements on HHV.
> HHV promo posts garnered 85% Organic reach, as opposed to 1% when on the main page.