Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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This Merdeka, Maxis celebrate very Malaysian, big, small and furry

Advertiser: Maxis
Brand: Maxis
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The Challenges
Merdeka Day’s purpose is to celebrate Malaysians but we often forget about a certain group of Malaysians who also deserve our attention and are sadly endangered… Malaysia’s very own wildlife animals. Maxis decided that this was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and inspire Malaysians to care and make a pledge to save the wildlife.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To capture the plight of our endangered Malaysians, Maxis brought together PERHILITAN for their knowledge and fund raising efforts, renowned wildlife photographers and Huawei to tell a compelling story every Malaysian need know. Maxis created a destination to house the stories allowing their human friends to share and make pledges to save the endangered Malaysians. We decided to socialise the stories in the most natural way possible, allowing pictures to tell a thousand words and allow words to move a nation, executed via social editorial and influencers.

Media Execution
We cherrypicked influencers of the fashion, beauty and parenting pillars (Malaysians’ social passion points), to spread the word through their very own pledges and inspire their followers to pledge, too: Parenting influencers pledged to educate their children ie. taking them to animal sanctuaries; Beauty influencers pledged to only use animalfriendly products; Fashion influencers pledged to change excessive retail habits harmful to nature.

Results and Effectiveness
3.2mil reach via 23 influencers only 10% of entire Malaysian population with RM50,000 (Cost Per Reach of RM0.02); 102,680 social engagements.50,000 Malaysians made a pledge. 254,374 social story reads; 207,000 positive social engagements. Moved the needle for Maxis’ brand preference leading telco in Q3’2018 at 33points, beating Digi (26points) & Celcom (28points).