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2011 | |

DiGi Bola! Bola! Bola! Living in a Billboard

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommunications
Brand: DiGi
Creative Agency: Grey Malaysia
Credits: Chrissy Ang (Media Manager), Audrey Chong (General Manager), Chan May Ling/David Leong (DiGi Telecommunications)

During World Cup 2010 season, brands’ share of voice drowned out, media space becomes cluttered, high volume of advertisers’ promotions. Maxis and Celcom, both had huge investments in mainstream media channels, which stood to hurt and drown out DiGi’s share of voice during period.

DiGi aimed to become the talk of the town; we needed something unconventional, eye-catching, and superlative. Thus turned a traditional billboard into a “live-in” billboard (first of its kind) that housed a radio station! For 50 hours straight thereafter, DJs had to live, breathe, eat, talk, and sleep in the billboard. Not allowed to leave their temporary home, the DJs could only focus on the competition, WC2010 broadcast, and DiGi’s promotions.

Capitalized on both DJs’ huge following plus strategically located outside Pavilion KL, the ‘live-in’ billboard attracted huge attention. DiGi imposed a challenge for JJ (footie fanatic) to educate Ean (basketball jock) on all things football during the 50-hour bootcamp. Ean was required to answer at least 50% of questions correctly submitted by radio listeners from calls or SMSes. Failing to do so, Ean would have to stay another 24 hours in the billboard.

• In two weeks, campaign attracted 1,000,000+ listeners per week on
• 5000+ people attended the launch event
in the span of 3 days
• 1000+ sms were received providing
football trivia questions to DJ Ean
• Captured by 4500+ bloggers with 3.6 million+ followers, valued over MYR9 million