Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Sunlight helps revive popular Malay tradition!

Advertiser: Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sunlight
Creative Agency: Lowe Malaysia
Credits: Shankar Rajagopal (Director, Client Leadership), Anne Leow (Associate Director), Looi Yew Mun (Manager), Sherlyn Chan (Senior Executive), Nadia Chee/Aileen Chew (Executive)

Sunlight’s communication task was to convince its Malay audience of its superior dish-washing abilities. Top-of-Mind Awareness and Consideration are important in this low-involvement category, but Sunlight found it difficult to compete with advertising clutter from more ‘exciting’ brands. Sunlight needed something exciting to engage its audience and grow sales.

The Malay community has multiple celebratory occasions involving large numbers of family and friends. “Kenduri’s” or celebratory feasts have been an integral part of these occasions for centuries. Globalization and changing lifestyles have made “Kenduri’s” a dying tradition. But they still generate strong nostalgia and sentiment, especially amongst middle-aged Malay women. Sunlight leveraged this tradition to connect with this audience, in a contemporary and engaging manner.

We created Kecoh Kenduri Sunlight (Sunlight’s Exciting Feast) that showcased eight real-life stories revolving around “Kenduri”s at various celebratory occasions. Given FTA Television generates highest reach in this audience, TV9 was used. Popular celebrities hosted the 30-minute episodes, with heart-tugging occasions ranging from weddings to Quran-readings and fast- breaking during Ramadan. Sunlight brand values and placements in the script clearly communicated product benefits.

Featured in Top 5 TV9 programs for 8 consecutive weeks! Program rating – 30% more than highest ratings in time-band in past 12 months 49% increase for Sunlight sales year-on-year during campaign period-outstanding result for category leader! Program helped Sunlight reinforce brand appeal amongst Malay audiences.