Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

HSBC went against financial norm to win Malays in ‘8 Bulan’

Advertiser: HSBC
Brand: HSBC Amanah
Creative Agency: Red Communications
Credits: Razlin Johar (Assistant Manager, The Exchange), Yuanne Lau (Director, The Exchange), Bryan Chiang/Kweh Haan Hwei/Cassy Liew (Executive, The Exchange), Lina Tan (Managing Director, Red Communications)

The competitive Islamic finance segment has both local and foreign players fighting to tap its huge potential. HSBC, being perceived as an affluent Chinese brand, ‘unapproachable’ & ‘high class’ needs a warm differentiation to surpass dry and boring financial clutter to win the hearts of their Malay audience.

Audience are Progressive PMEB Malays – modern, ‘futurists’ yet with strong religious commitment. TV, being their top media consumption with strong affinity for drama genre led us to defy norm, by being the first financial institution to develop its own Malay Family Drama on TV3, the channel with the largest share amongst target. The 8-episode drama brings to life HSBC Amanah’s role as an Islamic Financial solutions partner throughout the character’s different life-stages and challenges.

Drama portrayed Faizal and Linda, who needs to turn their lives around in expecting their firstborn child – in 8 months. Each episode is a month of their trials and triumphs – injected with strong cliff hangers. Bank’s services from online banking, mortgages and loan were seamlessly weaved into their journey of purchasing dream home and starting a business. Content were replicated in TV, Radio and Digital (interactive formats) via, capturing viewer’s direct response.

Attracting 4.7 million viewers and affinity index (170) against Malay PMEBs, 8 Bulan ranked Top 3 most watched branded content on national TV in 2010. Media ROI was 3.2 times. Brand awareness & consideration grew at +9% and +12%; product sign-ups +68%; new Malay customers doubled with +13% revenue.