Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Romancing Your Man With Closer Intimacy

Advertiser: Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sumber Ayu
Creative Agency: Ignite Sdn Bhd
Credits: Yee Wing Tak (Sr. Account Director), Jessie Lian (Media Manager), Jenny Loh (General Manager, Ignite Sdn Bhd)

SumberAyu Feminine Hygiene Wash, needed to stand out and be more intimate on an emotive platform which our target market can relate to. SumberAyu needed a focused education campaign strategy in a form of never-used-before media that will be able to change the current inappropriate use of soap and water.

The average Malay woman marries younger, hence, the increase desire to fantasize about how to ignite and keep the romance flame going. SumberAyu was positioned to fulfill the desire of the target market’s needs for sexual health and keeping their man. We explored Malay romance novels as a media to carry our message and created a campaign: ‘Romancing your man’ to educate on the product usage and strengthen brand association of romance satisfaction.

We launched our 1st in Malaysia, co-titled Malay romance novels with SumberAyu and our brand tagline ‘Merapatkan Keintiman’ with a leading novel publishing house and 3 of their most prolific writers. A branded educational page at the end of the novel strengthened association. A bookmark was placed in between the pages signifying ‘tightening’? functional benefit of the product, enhancing long term association. We printed 15,000 copies and each novel was sold off within a month.

By spending RM11,765 into this focused ‘Romance Education’? campaign, sales improved by 20% over
same period last year. Category only grew by 4.6%. The novels gained mentions in female magazines and bloggers’ review, future re-printing of the novels, guarantees campaign longevity. Earned media valued
at RM100,000, ROI at 8.4x.