Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Berocca Lifts Business Sales with Cents!

Advertiser: Bayer Co. (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Berocca
Creative Agency: JWT Malaysia
Credits: Sharmin Parameswaran (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Doreen Tee (Senior Executive, The Exchange), Katherine Fam (Executive, The Exchange)

Research shows that Berocca, a uniquely formulated vitamin B complex to improve physical and mental performance, caters best to urban white-collar males who need mental alertness for stressful work demands. Often misperceived as just another multivitamin, we’re challenged to build awareness and showcase Berocca’s true benefit of improving work performance.

The primary cause for ‘lack of energy’ amongst urban white-collar males is work-related pressure. To tackle energy drain resulting from work-related stress, men consume supplements, natural remedies and exercise. With these insights, we saw no better way to introduce and showcase Berocca’s true benefit than in the office environment itself, where the need for optimal work performance is on the rise!

While we wanted to enter their working environment, we didn’t want Berocca to be an in- your-face brand.
So we focused our communications to catch our
audience in an idle and relaxed state of mind. Travelling in office elevators was one such occasion, hence the birth of “Berocca Speed-Math Elevator”. We posted simple math questions whose answers corresponded to different level numbers on elevator buttons, which successfully communicated our key message “Think Sharper, Act Faster”.

With lots of buzzing excitement for our Speed- Math Elevator, Berocca’s Q2 & Q3 average sales gained 18% vs. 2009, a huge growth for a pharmaceutical product. Our campaign’s unique clever spin delivered 4 times earned PR against an investment of only RM6,180.