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2022 | |

Food Delivery Apps Got Hacked by a Burger King ‘Glitch’!

Advertiser: Burger King
Brand: Burger King Cheesy Macaroni
Creative Agency: InvictusBlue Group
Credits: Victoria Chu - Invictus Blue Group, General Manager Ferhan Faidzan - Invictus Blue Group, Creative Director Tan Pei Ru - Invictus Blue Group, Creative Group Head Nikiee Mahmud - Invictus Blue Group, Creative Group Head Gillian Yap - Invictus Blue Group, Account Director Mary Tang - Invictus Blue Group, Senior Planning Director Tan Choon Liang - Invictus Blue Group, Associate Director

Objective & Challenge
Burger King was launching their latest limited time offering – the new Cheesy Macaroni Burger. But due to recent lockdowns and new norms, the downtrend in in-store dining just added to the challenge of launching the new fast food item in an already noisy market. Instead of tempting customers to try the new burger at BK outlets, we had to figure out a way to bring the new burger to customers instead.

Insight & Strategy
While people were stuck at home, there were only two main options when it came to getting food – either make your own, or order it online through food delivery services. But with so many choices at your fingertips, how do you make a new burger stand out in the fast food crowd? The more scarce and exclusive something is, the more desirable it becomes. Our launch strategy was to not only leverage upon the current spike in online food delivery, but to also tickle the curiosity of customers by offering something that wasn’t SUPPOSED to be widely available, or even known to the public!

While everyone else was ordering their usual food online, a lucky number of curious customers got to order and try out the new Cheesy Macaroni burger after discovering our secret BK ‘glitch’. Here’s how it worked: We collaborated with popular food delivery services (GrabFood, FoodPanda, ShopeeFood) in order to ‘hack’ their ordering process, by only allowing customers to order the new burger through an intentional ‘glitch’ in the system. When online customers were ordering a Burger King Whopper® on the GrabFood, FoodPanda or ShopeeFood apps, they were presented with the option to include a deliciously suspicious “BETA_cheesymacaroni” add-on ingredient to their burger. By simply selecting this add-on, their regular Whopper® order would arrive as the new Cheesy Macaroni burger! This exclusive #IfYouKnowYouKnow moment not only turned the BK ‘glitch’ into a viral foodie sensation across social media, but also transformed the ordering process on food delivery apps into a whole new media channel! Burger King not only hacked food delivery, but the entire process of how to launch and promote a new product online.

In just under a month, the Burger King Cheesy Macaroni ‘Glitch’ launch garnered: >923k accumulative reach on site aggregators with >16.1k page views (61% more than planned). >47.1k engagement generated from social media (1,077% more than planned). >604k reach (31% from added value), with 677k impressions (20% from added value), and 47k post engagement (5% from added value) through support from KOL postings. >1.52mil total reach and >94.1k social media engagement generated through both site aggregators and KOLs.