Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2022 | |

Delivery Ke Hati Seri

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: Internal
Credits: Vanitha Selvathurai - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Partner, Head of Carat Chong Wei See - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Business Director Chang Lee Jia - Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd, Assistant Manager

Objective & Challenge
The pandemic had made delivery services an integral part of the daily lives of every Malaysian. Amidst this new norm, foodpanda’s ubiquitous influence is undeniable; however, it was very much well-known for being a single vertical service app for food delivery. This perception was a double-edged sword as foodpanda was trying to pivot from a single vertical service to a multi-vertical service, providing not only food delivery but pick-up services for food merchants and a marketplace delivery for shops selling products other than food. In addition, foodpanda had introduced its very own delivery-only hypermarket – pandamart – to further ease the lives of Malaysians. For foodpanda, it all boiled down to two questions: 1. After being synonymous with food delivery for so long, can it be known for delivering more than just food? 2. How can it promote and raise awareness of its other services, while maintaining the strong brand equity and impression of its food delivery service at the same time? The key KPIs to deliver on were: – Awareness of “foodpanda delivering more than food” to improve by 10%. – foodpanda’s pick-up service attain 20% growth. – foodpanda shops to attain 40% growth.

Insight & Strategy
foodpanda’s own research had shown an overall brand awareness of over 60%. The perception of delivering more than food, however, registered way below 60%. In other words, consumer impression of foodpanda as a “food delivery specialist” was a positive problem to overcome. foodpanda had come up with a campaign proposition #TakkanTakTahu rooted in the predicament of the younger Gen Z & Millennial audiences ironic attitude to life encapsulated in the catch phrase ‘I don’t know’ (Takkan Tak Tahu). In the second year of the pandemic, content viewing on TV or via any video/music streaming channels during continued to rise. Much of this content was entertainment and music related. Hence, aiming at reaching out to our key audiences, Gen Z & Millenials – who were truly overindexed on their always-on music and entertainemnt consumption – we decided to deploy a branded content strategy that mashed up music and entertainemnt. The branded minisodes ranged from short flow hip hop earworms to the nostalgic moments of P. Ramlee’s kugiran and Bollywood beats; the development of each musical element works as a homage to tunes of at least three different generations. The minisodes humorously revealed lesser-known features and useful hacks on the foodpanda app, showing customers pro-tips on how they can unlock deals, fully utilize perks and stretch their ringgit further. The series of music videos and minisodes featured original soundtracks, with guest appearances from renowned, familiar local faces. Our production had a clear objective – showcase all foodpanda services together in various executions across different channels to build up the perception of “foodpanda being a multi-vertical service provider that delivers a lot more than just food and beverage”. We aimed for high-reach and high-impact executions across TV and dedicated OTT platforms.

We launched the new #TakkanTakTahu campaign through our branded minisode “Delivery Ke Hati Seri” – an expansion from the television capsule that premiered on TV3 at 7.58 PM and TV9 at 8.28 PM on the 11th of October. The minisodes depicted the story of Seri and her three-generation family as they go about their daily lives using various foodpanda joy hacks. In musical format across various musical genres. The five-episode television capsule featured some of Malaysia’s favorite celebrities, such as Azizah Mahzan, Azhan Rani, Nadia Aqilah, Shah Abedul, Sean Lee and Abidah Noor. Moreover, musical artists Man Kidal and Masdo made cameos in the musical too. Throughout the five-episodes, we feature hacks that can be used at foodpanda from pandamart/shop, loyalty program, stack promo, pick up to group order feature. After the TV premiere, we further extended a digital premiere through an exclusive partnership with WeTV – a first for any brand in Malaysia! We created a dedicated foodpanda TakkanTakTahu channel @ WETV which allow us to extend further reach. We did a takeover of WETV by showing our minisode posters while user opened the apps, followed by a dedicated channel show on the home page as well. The WETV social platforms released teaser for each episode to tease and encourage their followers to check out the minisodes to get more hacks.

The 8 week campaign (September to November 2021) did a stellar delivery on the campaign KPIs: – Awareness of “foodpanda delivering more than food” metric improved by 16% to hit 75% overall (An impressive 6ppt overdelivered on the 10% KPI) – foodpanda’s pick-up service grew by 22%, contributing to a 15% share of the overall business (Overdelivered by 2% on the KPI of 20% growth) – foodpanda shops grew by 44% to have a 13% contribution to the overall share of the business (An overdeliver of 4% on the KPI of 40% growth) Besides this, pandamart emerged as a newly introduced service with a 14% contribution to the overall share of the business. The campaign successfully delivered higher ROI than in previous years and our “Delivery Ke Hati Seri” minisodes alone, generated a craze that soared to a new peak with each episode, hitting an average of over 1.6 mil viewers per week and steadily remained at the top-5 chart for five whole weeks.