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2022 | |

TAPtastic Way To Winning Rewards and Hearts

Advertiser: Maybank
Brand: MAE
Creative Agency: N/A
Credits: Winnie Chen-Head - iProspect Malaysia, Partner, Head of iProspect Ajith Kumar - iProspect Malaysia, Business Director Ezawati Zolkafle - iProspect Malaysia, Planning Manager Bryan Foon - iProspect Malaysia, Planner

Objective & Challenge
Maybank’s MAE wanted to drive daily user acquisition with its newly launched TAPtastic in app game and needed to create big impact in the 18 to 44 age group to do so, the objectives set were: 1. TAPtastic: Driving increase in app daily usage, acquisition and being top of mind. 2. Gamification to drive desired behaviour: Simple, yet effective game; Little effort required simply launch app daily to stand to win. 3. Drive consistent behaviour throughout the full 72 days: Daily rewards for daily logins; Bigger rewards i.e. car for transaction related services.

Insight & Strategy
There were 2 driving factors behind the “TAPtastic” campaign: 1) Decline in daily user acquisition 2) Lack of top of mind awareness. Consumers became increasingly value driven with having a functional relationship with the brand as the competitors were aggressive in terms of benefits such as cash back, discounts & promos. This led to us to develop the campaign which focused on interacting with the user beyond the value driven offers & instead offer engaging connection based communication that would move the needle away from functional. We went in 100% digital to capture the interaction with the brand & we explored further beyond hygiene platforms. Appreciating the power of smart audience planning and activation through programmatic inventory, we tapped into a growing segment of gaming audience. Specifically the larger pool of casual gamers through implementation of impactful and effective gaming inventory. We needed to build stronger affinity in long form content platforms that will allow us to deliver our relevant affinity based communication messaging. Hence, we partnered with publishers with highly engaged lifestyle based audiences on Says, TRavel with foodie, Eat pray love, Daily makan Our goal is to drive increased affinity and engagement beyond the functional, transactional messaging and ad formats commonly seen in the category.

To drive interactivity with the brand, our communications approach led us to launch mini games in the form of puzzles, guess the prize, riddles, brain teasers etc. on digital platforms. This entire campaign ran from Deepavali festive period all the way to New Year celebrations. At every important calendar dates, the content was contextualised to fit the theme. For example, for Deepavali, our content was about ‘Finding The Difference Between 2 Kolams’ and ‘Indian Movie Lyrics’. For Christmas ‘Count the Ornaments on the Christmas Tree’ and ‘Guess the Present’. For New Year celebration, we introduced ‘Final Countdown Before New Year’. In the first month, the team executed ‘MAE Everywhere’ strategy aimed to maximise SOV across digital ecosystem, featuring YouTube Masthead, Premium Placement in programmatic, social feed, Video Reach, Video Discovery & Google Display Network (GDN) ads to drive maximum reach at the highest cost efficiency possible. The next 2 months, we utilised a ‘MAE Recall’ strategy to encourage audience to launch MAE App to win prizes with over 40 different sizes across all placements with higher Frequency, and content in languages to ensure we reach out to BM & English speaking audiences.

Across multiple platforms and formats, the campaign garnered an impressive 237 million impressions (+40% of KPI), reaching out to 48 million audiences and earning 2.5 million video views with high VTR 78% (Benchmark 15%), beating initial projections overall. An uplift of +41% in Daily Active Users, +55% new customers vs precampaign (3x of the original target). Within 1 month, Maybank doubled their reach from 32% to 66% of 1844 age group in Malaysia. With the format mix, the campaign drove an all time high in search interest for the MAE app. Oct to Nov Searches increased 3x of average MAE searches & +21% lift in Ad Recall.