Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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The Story of Grit and Tenacity

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Credits: Shawn Siew - Senior Communication Manager, Mediacompete Sdn Bhd

Stories of grit are usually told through an athlete overcoming adversity to win a championship (think Nadal), or of a famous movie star defying odds to rise to stardom (think Eye of the Tiger and Sylvester Stallone) but hardly within the work context. Thus it brings me (Saurabh Chandrashekhar – MD of Mediacom) great pleasure to be writing this entry for Shawn Siew. In a span of 6 years, this young man has defied odds to progress from a young intern who couldn’t present in English to a Regional Manager who now leads 5 planner, handling some of the biggest account across Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam!

What’s Special about You & Key Achievements
With a chip on his shoulder, Shawn never settled for status quo at work; he consistently pushed beyond the normal four corners of a square, a trait which is highlight commendable for someone his age. Hence his work speak for itself as follows: 1. Defying Lockdown to Catapult Pantene to the No.1 Hair Treatment Brand in Malaysia During a period of uncertainty during lockdowns, Shawn leveraged the heightened captive audience on digital by partnering with Watsons and Nuffnang to orchestrate Pantene’s First Virtual Home Salon which hosted multiple hair care contents which Malaysians were able to interact with from their home. And trial packs was seeded amongst more than 30 local talents to ensure grassroot awareness took place. At the end, the campaign propelled Pantene to the #1 brand market value share at the back of a monster share of sales coming from hair treatment! 2. Creating Bayer’s and Malaysia’s First Hyperlocalised Vaccination Mobile Reminder Campaign drive awareness of vaccination in support of Redoxon’s partnership with MOH, Shawn designed a hyperlocalised mobile campaign to ensure maximum localisation. All yellow and red zones were geofenced with customized messaging where all banners were made to dynamically change daily based on the status of a particular region, delivering a more precise communication! Vaccination registration increased by 10 mil while vaccination rate increased 50% during this period! And the Redoxon’s new product searches drove +153% search increased and +40% traffic vs. P6M 3. Berocca Turbocharged Malaysian to Beat Sluggishness at Home During Pandemic As working from home gradually became attritional and taxing for Malaysians, Shawn along the creative team was the brainchild of the campaign’s big idea of turning Sloth to a Boss, all through the usage of Berocca. He was sharp to see TikTok monthly usage was consistently growing and leveraged the opportunity to launch the campaign on TikTok using their Branded Filter & Hashtag Challenge! Campaign caught wind and the brand benefited! Penetration grew by 12% while sales grew by 35% against the same period last year!

Leadership Skills
As Shawn raised through the rank he also began to find his footing within the larger ecosystem of the company as a homegrown leader, quickly making him one of the young and respected figure within the company. And below are the top three key scenario to which I’ve had the chance to see his leadership skills shine the brightest: 1. The Backbone behind MediaCom Achieving one of the best TRR Scoring (Client Rating) for Fonterra and Bayer Shawn was introduced to these two accounts to bring stability and experience to the table. And one year after, driven by his tenacity, positivity and experimental mindset, I’m proud to acknowledge to announce that client ratings are now at an all time high for the past 5 years with both side of client expressing words of praise for him. 2. Taking the Bayer Malaysia Account to New Heights in Terms of Media Innovation Never one to settle for status quo, he led Bayer’s first forey into TikTok for both the biggest brand within Bayer (Berocca&Redoxon) on top of being instrumental in securing one their key partnership with KKM to help drive a vaccination campaign done by Redoxon! His flair eventually paid dues as Bayer won big in the recent awards with (i)-Gold in Best Use of Mobile for Redoxon and (ii)-Silver in Best Use of Social Media for Berocca 3. Aggresively Growing the Agency Business Portfolio Shawn is also a pivotal member of the agency SUPER PITCH Team! Leading his team through 8 different pitches, and winning 4 of them; translating to a conversion rate of 50%. These new businesses and clientele includes an e-hailing giant G16a, key airline players in Asia, key banking players in Malaysia and many local conglomerate, which in totally brought in more than RM25mil worth of business yearly! As Shawn’s record speaks for itself. this entry concludes with reiterating how Shawn has come a long way from his day 1 as an intern in the industry to the upcoming leader he is in within the company today; a driven young man with a burning desire to succeed. Definitely an individual well deserving of this award!