Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

The Ad that Stole the Light of Day!

Advertiser: Proton Holdings Berhad
Brand: Exora
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Tammy Lim (Associate Director)

Proton wanted to launch Malaysia’s 1st homegrown MPV – Exora was designed to make the best of good looks and function. The challenge was to communicate this duality in a way that’s simple yet amazing as a lot of unfinished and inaccurate Exora pictures were circulated online causing pre-launch negative perception.

Car purchase in young families is a joint decision. While the wife would have strong leanings on look and feel of the car, the men will look at the function & features. We decided to innovate a new newspaper format that would convey Exora’s strengths on both fronts simultaneously and hence appeal to both man and wife, without clutter. We chose Sun due to its on-the-go street readership, perfect to trigger conversations.

An innovative wraparound jacket featuring the Exora against the white background, and the interior of the car on the reverse page with the text in the mirror image was created. So you see a great looking new Exora on the wrap, but when you hold ‘The Sun’ wrap to the sun, the interior of the car can be seen via the magical printing innovation.

The ad created a lot of buzz. Sun received over 2,000 calls on launch date enquiring about the Exora. An overwhelming 4,200 bookings were recorded within 4 days of the launch shooting up to 6,000 by the 9th day. Exora helped Proton post its best results in 5 years.