Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2012 | |

Coca-Cola Creates A Spectacular Happiness

Advertiser: The Coca Cola Company
Brand: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

2011 marked the separation of Coca-Cola from F&N after 75 years and invested RM 1bil in the country. It was an occasion almost like a rebirth. We needed to celebrate this historic moment in a way that’s suitable for the iconic brand. It had to be refreshing, talked-about and share-worthy.

We wanted a platform, so spectacular and groundbreaking that the medium itself would be the message. We also wanted a new age format that would symbolize the grand arrival of Coke 2.0 for youth. The 40-storeys World Trade Centre was an iconic building with 40,000 sqft of newly-installed LED illumination – dynamic, attractive and almost magical seen for miles. Coca-Cola’s huge investment in Malaysia was leveraged in return for a first-ever commercial brand on WTC.

Complex negotiations were held to enable Coke’s rebirth on world’s largest building illumination using simple animations. A convoy of sparkling new Coca-Cola trucks circled around town centre and building to create hype for the showcase. The pictures and videos were captured via MMS and viralled across youtube, facebook, twitter like wildfire ultimately captured as headlines. Coca-Cola’s rebirth was presented for 4 weeks in an exclusive, unprecedented manner and with iconic grandeur befitting the brand.

RM 1.6mil worth of earned media was generated. 1.2 mil of motorists, commuters and pedestrians were exposed to the historical moment. Coca-Cola’s rebirth rewritten using minuscule paid media (just for logistics) based on goodwill. Coca-Cola brand preference went up by 8% in the month and weekly drinkers soared by 1.3mil!