Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Good Times are Back

Advertiser: Standard Chartered Malaysia Berhad
Brand: SCB - MortageKLIBOR
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Ling Lee Lee (Media Director), Elaine Ng (Senior Media Planner)


During global recession, consumers are tightening their belts but they have lots of liabilities at hand and home ownership is one of them. Therefore, Standard Chartered re-launched its MortgageKLIBOR, offering the “lowest interest rates” to ease consumer burden. This campaign is to further established SCB leadership in the mortgage segment.

We painted the picture that “GOOD TIMES ARE BACK” with MortgageKLIBOR as consumers can enjoy fantastic savings. As most people turned to newspaper for the latest economy news, we leveraged on the current hot topics to drive high awareness for the campaign.

To partner with key English and Chinese dailies to run a series of teaser ads, featuring topical and current economic news i.e. “The Roller Coaster Year…”, “Tougher Times Ahead for US and World Economy…” etc. To read good news, readers were requested to turn the page for MortgageKLIBOR offer.

The creative execution generated a record sale of RM800mio for the bank within a month, which doubled its sales objective. Tapping on consumers’ sentiment had attracted more eyeballs and the ads garnered high visibility.