Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

AirAsia Destinasi Cinta

Advertiser: AirAsia Berhad
Brand: AirAsia
Creative Agency:
Credits: Darren Yuen (General Manager), Michelle Wee (Planning Director), Sunetraling Ariapala (Planner)

Expressing love and romance in the Malay community is considered somewhat taboo, so AirAsia wanted to encourage more married Malay couples to travel overseas to express their love to each other. We were tasked with encouraging them to go on their second honeymoon and re-ignite their passion. 

Insights tell us that Malays have romance in their hearts but are shy to express it. They also like following celebrity news. AirAsia breaks the taboo by showing them that Malay celebrities aren’t afraid to show their romance by sharing their expressions of love overseas. We strategized to use them as travel guides to encourage visits to relevant destinations. Infotainment is always the best solution for education and it’s even better when it’s on TV! 

Sponsorship of Astro’s Destinasi Cinta was perfect to encourage couples to travel with AirAsia. Ria coupled with celebrity power = The best formula to increase Malay penetration for AirAsia. 12 episodes featured top celebrity couples on holidays. The campaign offered opportunities to spend time together and expressing their love. While they promoted AirAsia destinations, they did romantic things together i.e. beach walks and candlelit dinners. AirAsia branding and values were strategically placed for increased affinity. 

Sponsorship ROI garnered was 9.7X with PR value worth more than RM1 million. Promos and ‘behind the scenes’ videos in Youtube achieved almost 90,000 views! 20% spike in passenger loads in all featured destinations. Cumulative viewers reached 10.3 million, making this one of the more successful program in Astro.