Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Petrol Pump Inside The Mall?!

Advertiser: Petronas Group
Brand: Petronas Dagangan Berhad
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Credits: Chan Yuet Wah (Group Planning Director), Iylia Abdul Rahman (Out Of Home Media Manager), Ti Eng Lee(Andrew) (Media Manager), Yazmin Lim Abdullah (Associate Planning Director), Yip Mei Fong (Terisa) (Senior Buying Manager)

The Oil sector is a regulated market in Malaysia, therefore all competitive fuel brands are parity-priced. And consumers tend to stick to one brand, by habit. Could PETRONAS PRIMAX 95XTRA capture the attention of new consumers to drive them to PETRONAS petrol stations for trial? 

We knew motorists in Malaysia are mainly creatures of convenience and locations in terms of choice of petrol. We wanted to create interest and play with their frame of mind with fuel reminders when they are closest to getting their car. To generate new trials, we disrupt their mindset and their habits. We needed to locate an area where motorists alighting and entering their vehicles can be found in hordes. Therefore, we picked carparks. 

We selected major shopping malls with huge carparks and heavy traffic. – The idea: replicate the look and atmosphere of PETRONAS petrol stations by strategically wrapping carpark pillars to look like petrol pump dispensers, from nozzle down to fuelling meter. – For added realism, pillars were strategically chosen to match actual pumps in petrol station forecourts. – To drive action, maps with GPS coordinates of nearest PETRONAS petrol stations were indicated on the pillars. 

When the pump Pillars were installed, flurries of interest and stop-bys were generated – Pictures of pillars were taken and shared in the digital space, driving word-of-mouth. – There was a noted awareness of PETRONAS petrol stations in close proximity to shopping malls involved.