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2013 | |

Puma Social Photobooth Gone Beyond Traditional POS Display

Advertiser: PUMA Malaysia
Brand: Pumo Social SS12
Creative Agency:
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Lee Tse Yoon (Planning Director), Mandy Chan (Media Manager), Mahira Mohd Dahlan (Media Planner)

Puma is the no. 3 brand after Nike and Adidas, and wants to catch up. The brand also needs to increase its sales, and boost engagement rate with its target audience (TG).

Puma’s new positioning, “Puma Social”, aimed to get its audience to be “social”, and wear cool attire from “Puma Social” range. We understood the target audience: Trendsetters. They are highly active on Facebook, love taking photographs, and project themselves as “cool”. To engage them, we went beyond traditional POS display, and created a unique interactive Social Photo Booth in Puma stores, installing a Facebook app. Fans could build their Dream Team through pre-created “Social Archetypes”. 

In Social Photo Booth, the creator or “Captain” recruits 4 FB friends. Friends was automatically analyzed by the app, sifting through their FB conversations, and classified as one of 23 pre- built archetypes. Once completed, a photo of the group was generated by the Booth, to be shared and seen on Facebook. Each member received a special pass to the Puma Ultimate Dream Team Party and Fashion Show. Instantaneous discount vouchers boosted sales. 

2,160 DreamTeam photos within 4 weeks (116% above KPI) –250 downloaded redemption coupons, driving incremental 5% sales per photobooth –Reached: 1,983,800 eyeballs (Facebook) –Puma mined collected information of archetypes for marketing activities – driving behavioural targeting programs. The Puma Social Photobooth had gone beyond traditional POS display!