Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Mr Van Laack Hits on The Patrons of BSC

Advertiser: Jubilant Models Sdn Bhd
Brand: Van Laack
Creative Agency: Zed Digital
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Yanti Nading (Senior Director, Content), Michelle Lye (Senior Designer), Michelle Chong (Copywriter), Ivan Low (Project Manager), Fatin Shakira (Social Media Manager), Syikin Radzak (Senior Digital Executive), Sandeep Mark Joseph (Head Of Digital)

Van Laack is a Luxury German brand offering fine quality shirts. Its flagship store is located at BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre). BSC is full of affluent patrons who are scattered throughout the mall. With a low budget, how can Van Laack capture their attention and funnel them to the store? 

BSC is a sought-after location for many luxury brands wanting to reach its affluent patrons. BSC’s advertising space is limited to the typical: bunting, standee, TV screens and exhibition space. Typical advertising is becoming blind spot. We needed to stand out of the clutter. Our solution: 3-in-one POS activation that followed the consumers’ journey and captured their attention at various points:
1)Valet Service;
2)within the mall and leading them to;
3)The store.

At valet service: Invitations and vouchers handed to drivers of German cars. –Within BSC: Three models in van Laack S, M, L shirt walked around BSC chatting patrons up, giving goodies and vouchers inviting them to the store. –Within van Laack’s window display: we ran a Live Mannequin Show showcasing the versatility of Van Laack’s clothing. Two still mannequins were replaced with two models who acted out 3 typicala scenarios of two active city-folks. 

-The store’s footfalls increased by 200%
-Campaign generated RM59,682 worth of earned media from unsolicited blog postings and social sharing
-Media ROI of 14.70
-The usually-passive BSC crowd watched and took photos Van Laack received more attention than ever!