Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Mister Potato Rides the Streets

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato
Creative Agency: -
Credits: How Yuan Yi (Associate Media Director), Vincent Loong (Media Planner), Jennifer Chua (Media Buyer), Sim Beng Geok (Client Services Director), Pierre Pang (Senior Manager, Mamee Double Decker), Kenny Au (Manager, Mamee Double Decker)

OOHM - Mister Potato  Rides the Streets

Not many people in Malaysia can see the Mister Potato brand without breaking into the jingle in their heads – “Mr Potato, Mr Potato …” How could we give this highly popular jingle a new twist and underpin the high quality promise of this leading brand in its category?

We created a Mexican fiesta which allowed us to underpin the brand personality and reach our target in new and unusual ways. Effectively to surprise and amuse, we amplified the jingle making it unforgettable and fresh. The neighbourhood ‘rotiman’ was our inspiration. When you hear the ‘rotiman’ signature hoot, you eagerly look forward to the snacks he brings. We created our own version of the ‘rotiman’; Mister Potato men on redesigned motorbikes.

Mister Potato painted the town red, armed with his sombrero and mustache, singing his infectious jingle everywhere. Not one but five men dressed in Mister Potato outfits on Mister Potato motorbikes carrying lighted boxes distributing Mister Potato samples, rode in a convoy, spreading cheer everywhere they went. And they went to many places; colleges, schools, malls, offices, housing areas. This new mobile out-of-home vehicle was seen, heard and tasted (jingling and sampling).

This new touchpoint created buzz for the campaign with memorable brand interaction and drove word-of-mouth.
Brand scores – People who ‘Likes’ the brand moved up 33%. Brand recall increased 18%. Throughout the campaign period, Mister Potato managed to sustain double digit growth in sales