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Own World-of-Mobile with Sweet Nothings

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Brand: Clean & Clear
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Prashant Kumar (Chief Executive Officer), Chew Kagee (General Manager), Chai Yen Yen (Associate Director), 
Yvonne Lau Li Chien (Senior Planner), Farriz Yousof (Senior Buyer), Asley Koay (Senior Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Karen Tan (Senior Account Manager, Naga DDB)

Oily skin is a key concern amongst teens.
With limited budget and difficult to impress female teens target, Clean&Clear had to bring alive their ‘Round the clock Oil-Free’ proposition in a way that stood out and which teens could connect with.

76% of our target audience own mobile phones which they adore and love to accessorize. It was the perfect medium for us to communicate “Round the clock Oil-Free skin”. The oily smudges from their faces left on mobile screens, served as a reminder throughout the day that they have oily skin till they did something about it. Hence, we created fashionable mobile screen-wipers to let teens experience the efficacy of using Clean&Clear Oil Control Cleanser.

We inserted these mobile screen-wipers into leading teen, beauty magazines. They were designed to look like a sponge (representing the formula that works like thousands of tiny sponges absorbing oil and dirt), and attached them onto the protruded part of a hard-card insert. This ensured we stood-out from the sea of ads. Printed on the card were product information, a fun personality test and a cut-out timetable for the girls to fill their schedules with.

The screen-wipers were seeded to 95,000 teens, creating talkability amongst their friends as they hung from their mobile.

In a very competitive teen skincare category, Clean&Clear grew 8%* Year-On-Year market shares, increasing its No. 1 position lead.